Strawberry Picking in Berkshire and Homemade Jam

Summer = strawberries, especially with Wimbledon coming up, and there's nothing quite like locally grown British strawberries. I don't remember ever going strawberry picking before, so after hearing that a couple of friends had been, and seeing photos on Instagram, I figured why not! It's a great way to get outdoors, engage in a local … Continue reading Strawberry Picking in Berkshire and Homemade Jam

4 weeks to go…

30/11/2015: Roast Jerusalem artichoke, hazelnut and goat’s cheese salad - River Cottage This is a great, healthy dish that uses great seasonal ingredients: Jerusalem artichokes, hazelnuts, winter salad leaves, and tastes delicious! I was pretty excited about using some hard goat's cheese as it's something I haven't really used much. Having said that, I think … Continue reading 4 weeks to go…

Claire’s 30th and only 10 weeks to go!

19/10/2015: Bacon and date toast - Better on Toast, Jill Donenfeld I had already bought ingredients before realising this is actually meant to be a breakfast toast - who cares right? Everyone loves a good breakfast for dinner! I was a bit unsure about the sweet maple-date ricotta mixture but as soon as I gave … Continue reading Claire’s 30th and only 10 weeks to go!

Steph and Owen to stay again

12/10/2015: Mushroom gnocchi with arugula and walnut pesto We decided on gnocchi tonight as we haven't had it yet and I found this recipe via Pinterest. Pinch of Yum is a great blog! Remember the pomegranate, kale, and wild rice salad with walnuts and feta from the same blog? I've made that a bunch of … Continue reading Steph and Owen to stay again