Claire’s 30th and only 10 weeks to go!

19/10/2015: Bacon and date toast – Better on Toast, Jill Donenfeld

I had already bought ingredients before realising this is actually meant to be a breakfast toast – who cares right? Everyone loves a good breakfast for dinner! I was a bit unsure about the sweet maple-date ricotta mixture but as soon as I gave it a sneaky taste while mixing it together I was totally reassured. It was delicious spread on some toast and topped with the nuttiness of the sugar-toasted pecans and the saltiness of the bacon. No leftovers for lunch tomorrow and a clean plate award for me!


20/10/2015: Chorizo and soft-boiled egg salad – BBC Good Food

We had some leftover potatoes and a few chorizo-style sausages in our fridge that needed using so I found this simple recipe for a super-quick salad. There was one thing wrong with it – canned green beans (I didn’t do the shopping). I have to level with you here – cans are where green beans go to DIE. They’re limp and grey and lose all their beautiful crunchiness, freshness and colour! The combination in this dish was great though and would have been totally awesome with fresh beans. OK I’ll stop going on about the beans now…


21/10/2015: Chipotle chicken salad – Pret a Manger

I was going to be out on a course tonight and back late for dinner so Mark and I decided to coordinate on lunch again. This time we went for the Chipotle chicken salad. This salad is pretty good because it packs in a lot of food and a lot of flavour.


22/10/2015: Sashimi boat – Eat Tokyo, Soho

Tonight we were out to celebrate Claire’s 30th birthday! In true Claire style we went out for Japanese food and ordered a sashimi boat which was incredible! It was a huge wooden boat covered with daikon and melt-in-your-mouth sashimi that was almost like butter – so smooth! The boat even had a cute little artificial bonzai tree on it! Definitely a bit special!


23/10/2015: Hawaiian pizza – Dominos Pizza, Wimbledon

We were packing for our holiday to France tonight and had a friend staying who was coming in our car so we decided to order in a pizza. We went for Hawaiian as we haven’t had that yet this year and it did the trick!


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