Christmas dinners

23/12/2015: Beef lasagne

We checked out of our hotel in Winchester this morning and were on our way to Peasemore for Christmas with Mark’s mum. We were after a fairly quick, no-fuss dinner today and so we got a ready-made “Taste the Difference” lasagne from Sainsbury’s which was really tasty and good for an easy dinner.


24/12/2015: Salmon en croute – Lesley Waters

Mark and I thought we’d cook something a bit special for his family for Christmas eve and so we made this festive salmon en croute. We wanted to make it dairy-free and so we used Jus-Rol puff pastry which doesn’t contain any dairy, and substituted the butter with dairy-free spread. I had a lot of fun decorating the dish with some festive stars and Christmas trees and the end result was absolutely delicious!


25/12/2015: Christmas dinner

CHRISTMAS DINNER! The meal that everyone looks forward to throughout the year and the highlight of the Christmas season! Turkey, stuffing, sprouts, parsnips, roasties, pigs in blankets, bread sauce and cranberry sauce spiked with a bit of whiskey – sssh it’s a secret! I reckon we hit a record too this year with 3 types of stuffing – chestnut, festive fruits, and vegan sage and onion!


26/12/2015: Coronation Turkey

What do you with your leftover turkey? Turkey soup? Turkey sandwiches? Turkey and ham pie? Well Mark’s mum showed us another great use for leftover turkey – Coronation Turkey! She softened some chopped onions in a pan with some curry powder, added some currants and the leftover cold turkey, and added some mayonnaise right at the end. You can pop it on a sandwich, have it on toast, or with some salad and potatoes.


27/12/2015: Beef Wellington – Saddleback Farm Shop

We went out for a long walk today and finished up at our favourite farm shop and picked up these beautiful beef Wellington portions. The beef was beautiful and the pastry was gorgeously buttery. We served it up with some leftover Christmas veggies and homemade gravy.


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