Getting Christmassy!

07/12/2015: Thai green curry – Golden House, Wimbledon

Mark really loves a good Thai green curry and it’s definitely one that he’s been saving and looking forward to all year! I’m not as huge a fan because I sometimes find it the wrong kind of spicy for me, but I enjoyed this one from our local Chinese takeaway.


08/12/2015: Calf liver with tagliatelle and a sherry sauce – Fast Healthy Food in 30 Minutes or Less, Reader’s Digest

Mark found this recipe early in the year, but we have really struggled to find calf liver. We finally found some this weekend during our trip to Saddleback farm shop and snapped them up in a flash! This dish was super easy to cook and didn’t take long at all and the result was a delicious dish packed full of flavour. I couldn’t get enough of the intensity of the calf liver and that beautiful sticky sherry sauce. Another recipe for the file!


09/12/2015: Currywurst – Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

This is a dish that I’ve been looking forward to this year because I love to eat it when I’m at a Christmas market. We had almost resigned ourselves to being too busy to squeeze in a Christmas market visit this year but thankfully we found a slot!


10/12/2015: Parsnip and pancetta tagliatelle with parmesan and butter – Jamie Oliver

I was searching for a recipe to use up some tagliatelle and preferably also some bacon and this recipe intrigued me as soon as I found it so I had to give it a try! I found it a bit garlicky so I think next time I’d tone it down or perhaps use garlic puree instead for a softer flavour. Loved the dish though and it was easy enough to prepare.


11/12/2015: Sweet potato and black bean soup – M&S Food

I was out tonight for my work Christmas party, so we coordinated on lunch again, this time with a sweet potato and black bean soup from M&S. Photo to come!

12/12/2015: Chicken and waffles

I first had this in Texas and didn’t believe my friends when they were telling me that this was a genuine dish! Waffles…but not potato waffles? Fried chicken? With hot sauce AND maple syrup? Trust me though, this is seriously good!


13/12/2015: Braised hare and tomato ragu – Carluccio’s Christmas pop-up shop, Wimbledon

Mark and I were out doing a bit of Christmas shopping this morning and happened upon the Carluccio’s Christmas pop-up shop in Centre Court shopping centre, Wimbledon! Well I couldn’t resist just taking a quick look inside! They have all sorts – interesting pastas (even chocolate pasta!), chocolates, Italian tipples, the lot! I picked up a jar of braised hare and tomato ragu which was absolutely delicious and the hare really came through.


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