Argentinian Pickled Aubergines

I'm a big fan of aubergines in all sorts of forms: babaganoush, curries, moussaka, stuffed, grilled. Their distinctive flavour, the way you can get a real smokiness into them when you grill them, the way they pop in your mouth when you have them in a curry and it's like a juicy bomb of flavour … Continue reading Argentinian Pickled Aubergines


Pinch Pot Workshop with Noriko Nagaoka

I recently received an email from the Japan Centre and noticed for the first time that it had an events section. Since they opened their new Panton Street store, it seems that it’s opened up new opportunities for how they can use their space. I hadn’t actually realised that the old Shaftesbury Avenue site is … Continue reading Pinch Pot Workshop with Noriko Nagaoka

Bruges: Where to Eat and Drink

It's only right and proper that I dedicate an entire post to the food and drink we enjoyed in Bruges. With big hitters like chocolate, beer, waffles, and moules, expectations were skyscrapingly high, but these cosy Bruges institutions delivered. BlackbirdAddress: Jan van Eyckplein 7 Website: This cute cafe in an old building and with … Continue reading Bruges: Where to Eat and Drink