Find yourself looking at food blogs or Instagrammers and salivating, but then thinking “there’s no way I can replicate food like that – it’s just out of my league”? …Yeah me too. I have a full time job. I get home late in the evening and so does my husband, but I freakin love to eat! I would LOVE to be able spend loads of time cooking but then I’d have to sacrifice sleeping and…haha yeah right!

A couple of years ago, my husband and I were in a total food rut. We would get home after work and cook whatever was easiest and so, naturally, we ate the same dinners again and again. Sound familiar? We decided to embark on a 365 project where we would have a different main meal everyday and this blog really began as a record of that journey.

Now the 365 is done and you can still look through all the dinners, notes, raves, rants, and some pretty cracking photos (and some pretty average photos) ! It was a year of discovering that there are a lot of things that you can make quickly that are tasty, clean, nutritious, and using some new techniques and ingredients without taking up too much time. It was also a year with a lot of travel where I visited over a dozen towns/cities across 5 different countries including Milan, Venice, Tokyo, DC, and LA!

Now I want to keep going and sharing what I’m up to, what I’m cooking, what I’m eating, where I’m travelling, and what I’m discovering!


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