Dukkah-Coated Feta Bites

It will come as no surprise that I’m quite the cheese fan. I was recently trying to think of which cheese features most heavily on this blog and I actually think it’s probably feta. It’s interesting because I’m not sure that I’d put feta as my favourite cheese – probably more like a crumbly Stilton, an aged Comté or something stinky with a washed rind – but feta probably wins on versatility.

These dukkah-coated feta bites couldn’t be easier to make and are super versatile as well. To make feta bites you just have to get the cheese to a consistency where you can shape it and then roll the balls in whatever takes your fancy. I love to use dukkah for its nutty spiced flavour, but you could use some chopped fresh herbs, za’atar, sumac, chopped olives, black pepper or even chilli! They make a yummy aperitif accompaniment served simply in a bowl with cocktail sticks alongside some crusty bread, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. They’re also great for canapés or a party buffet/nibbles. I might try using them to stuff dates as I think that would be delicious!

I also love to throw a few feta bites into a leafy salad with some spinach, fresh tomatoes, olives and a drizzle of a balsamic or pomegranate molasses dressing. I reckon they’d be pretty nice tossed with some roasted veggies too. There’s so much you could do with a batch of these!


  • 200g Feta cheese
  • 2 tbsp dukkah (from this post or available ready-made in some supermarkets)


  1. In a bowl, work the feta with a fork until it becomes smooth. It will crumble first, but eventually it comes together. If it doesn’t then add a few drops of olive oil to help it along.
  2. Pour the dukkah into a small bowl or ramekin. Take teaspoon amounts of the smooth feta and roll into balls before rolling in the dukkah until covered.
  3. Serve with cocktail sticks or in a salad with spinach, fresh tomatoes, olives and dried fruits.

Looking for some more feta inspiration? How about this Whipped Feta with Honey and Thyme, Feta and Pickled Vegetable Salad, or these Super Scrambled Eggs of Toast topped with feta, chilli and seeds.

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