Smokey tipples and exotic bellinis!

07/09/2015: Crumpets with chilli jam and Wensleydale cheese – own recipe

This is an old favourite of mine that I used to make at university! It’s so simple, just toast a couple of crumpets, spread some chilli jam over them, and top with some slices of Wensleydale cheese. I don’t melt the cheese as I just love how they taste as they are.


08/09/2015: Chicken Santa Fe wraps – own recipe

This was inspired by a chicken “Santa Fe” wrap that I had when I was in Santa Monica earlier this year. We grilled some chicken to go on the wraps and then topped the chicken with Sainsbury’s “Mexican” cheese, chopped peppers, jalapenos, and some soured cream.


09/09/2015: Chicken Fajitas – Old El Paso

Had some wraps to use up…what is the obvious food to cook? FAJITAS! Can’t go wrong with an Old El Paso sachet and some onion and peppers. Job done.



Lizi: Salmon teriyaki salad – Pret a Manger

As we were out for Argentinian again tonight, I had something a bit different for lunch instead. I love this salmon teriyaki salad. It’s made with smoked salmon which is a bit different, and served with pickled cabbage, seaweed salad and some onigiri rice balls that are packed with flavour! The overall combination of flavours is just SO GOOD.


Mark: Argentinian meat feast – Buen Ayre, Hackney

Steak steak STEAK!! I was looking forward to this meal soooo much as it was my first beef steak of the year. If I’m going to wait then I might as well eat in style. We ordered a few big sharing platters for the table, which looked and tasted amazing. I won’t lie, I probably ate far more than my share but didn’t want any delicious food going to waste.


11/09/2015: Lapsang souchong and sake steamed cod – Holy Smoke, Wimbledon

We were out with my Mum and Dad this evening and were taking them to Holy Smoke in Wimbledon as my Dad’s birthday present. I was torn between this and the burger I had last time so this time I didn’t let myself get distracted by all the other wonders on the menu. First of all, just look at this dish! Every dish they plate up here looks absolutely stunning and whilst I couldn’t wait to dig in a get started, I almost didn’t want to disturb the picture! The cod was beautifully tender and the flavour of the lapsang souchong give it a lovely lift. The noodles were lightly coated in squid ink which brought real depth to the dish as well. I want to try everything on this menu, but this will be a difficult dish to not come back to every time! Delicious! We finished the evening with some smokey tipples; my Dad had a smokey whiskey and Mark and I tried the smoked amaretto. I love the theatre of it when they bring it over under a clear cloche full of smoke and lift it to reveal the drink inside.


12/09/2015: Pepperoni passion pizza – Dominos

Mum and Dad fancied staying at home tonight and getting a take-away and Mum’s ears pricked up at the idea of pizza and so Mark and I ordered our pepperoni pizza of the year! Not much to say – it was predictably awesome!


13/09/2015: Bellini Afternoon Tea – Searcy’s Champagne Bar, St Paul’s

This was a birthday present from Mark’s Aunt and Uncle, which was really nice of them! We had a choice of different flavoured bellinis on arrival, so Mark went for a passion fruit and I had to try the lychee as it’s one of my favourite flavours! They were followed by the usual 3 tier stand of sandwiches, scones, and petit fours (including some macarons). We were able to wait until we’d finished our bellinis before ordering pots of tea, which was a good idea so we weren’t too full of tea too quickly. All the food was great, although they could have been a bit more generous with the jam. Also the open-style sandwiches were very pretty to look at but were a little tricky to eat without cutlery. Overall, I think the portion size was perfect as we managed to eat it without feeling uncomfortable, and the atmosphere made it feel really special.


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