35 weeks completed!

29/08/2015: Roast cod supreme with potato and parsley rosti – Bill’s Wimbledon


(Lizi) Jet…laaaaag…but I can’t complain too much as it’s much worse in the morning AND I managed to get more sleep than usual on the flight as BA kindly upgraded me! Mark suggested we eat out at Bill’s tonight and we both decided to try one of their specials. Pan-roasted cod on a potato and parsley rosti, green peas, spring onion and roasted bacon, topped with a poached egg, and creamy whole grain and dijon mustard sauce. The fish was perfectly cooked with a slight crisp, the rosti had some crisp too even though hidden under the fish (they had me worried for a second that it might be soggy), the egg on top complemented the dish really well too. I personally would have toned down the mustard flavour of the sauce if I was cooking for myself but that’s just a personal preference and I certainly don’t think that it overpowered the dish. Another one to try and recreate someday?!


30/08/2015: Tomato soup

(Mark) We were out in London all day for a friend’s birthday celebration but didn’t stay out too late because of Lizi’s jet lag. This meant we actually had time to have dinner, but wanted something light as we’d been snacking since lunch. We picked up a can of good old Heinz Tomato Soup and a half-baked baguette on the way home. Just what we needed!


31/08/2015: Sticks n Sushi – Sticks n Sushi, Wimbledon


(Lizi) We were meeting friends tonight and we suggested Sticks n Sushi, so it really made sense to order some sticks…and some sushi! The favourites were the miso-marinated black cod dragon rolls, crispy ebi rolls with tempura shrimp, and the crispy ebi bites starter. The sticks of chicken meatballs in teriyaki sauce were really good too.



01/09/2015: Spaghetti with mushrooms, asparagus, and pancetta – Closet Cooking


(Lizi) Full disclosure – I only loosely followed this recipe to save a bit of time which is why the titles don’t match as I didn’t roast the asparagus (who has time?)! The rest was pretty much the same and the end result was scrumptious!


02/09/2015: Portobello mushroom and halloumi burger – CASK Pub & Kitchen, Victoria


(Mark) We were meeting a couple of friends for some drinks after work and decided to head to a popular pub near Victoria. They serve a huge range of beers, so I would recommend giving it a go if you are thirsty and in the area. Their food menu is limited to burgers but we went the vegetarian option to avoid using up a classic burger for the year. The burger size was very generous, and was pretty hard to squish it down to biting size. The halloumi and mushroom combination was very nice and we had a big bowl of sweet potato fries to accompany.


03/09/2015: Cheese on toast

(Mark) It was only a matter of time till we had this classic easy meal. Not much to say on the prep, simply chuck a load of grated cheese on a piece of bread and slide under the grill. Rounded off with some Lea & Perrins sauce (of course), and this makes a lovely meal.


04/09/2015: Beef rendang – Mama Eti’s


(Lizi) Tonight we used one of the first of the Indonesian curry jars that I bought at the Kitchen Table Projects pop-up at Old Street station. It was so easy to make – you start by mixing the jar of sauce and the little pot of dry spices with the beef, then you briefly fry the meat before adding the coconut milk. Then you let it simmer until the sauce has reduced down and taste a little bit…just because it’s delicious…then serve over rice. Such a delicious curry shouldn’t be this easy to make right? The sauce is thick and creamy and the flavour is reeeeeally good! Looking forward to trying the Sumatran lamb curry and the Balinese seafood marinade!


05/09/2015: Sausage with potato and apple

(Lizi) Mark and I were round at my friend’s house in Chiswick for her birthday and she had laid out a spread of great food. The main even was probably the sausage with potato and apple which was really homely and tasty.


06/09/2015: Ham, egg, and chips – own recipe

(Mark) Now we’re getting near the end of the year we’ve started glancing at our ideas board to make sure we use up some of the meals we thought of back in January. Ham, egg, and chips is another classic and great comfort food for a lazy Sunday evening. We went all out on the ham, getting some British honey roast ham from the Waitrose counter, which was chunky and delicious.


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