My Favourite cafes in Melaka, Malaysia

My final stop in Malaysia was Melaka (Malacca), a small city an hour south of Kuala Lumpur, making it a perfect place to end my Malaysia itinerary. I had a couple of days to wander the town (read my self-guided walking tour here) and really just to relax and regroup before heading off for the next leg of my journey. I managed to find some lovely cafes and coffee shops and thought I would share my favourites.

Cheng Ho Tea House

I love a good local tip – without a recommendation from the staff at my hostel (I stayed at Yote 28 and it was one of the best hostels I stayed in throughout my entire 3 months in South East Asia) I would not have had any idea about this calm, beautiful tea house set in a Ming Dynasty period Chinese mansion. I sat feeling zen drinking a black tea with lemon and chrysanthemum and perusing a book of Chinese short stories all about tea.

Navy Cafe

This quaint little coffee shop on Jalan Hang Katsuri was my pit stop for a delicious mixed berry smoothie bowl topped with granola, coconut and fresh strawberries and banana. I loved the drapes on the walls, the subtle fairy lights and decor of lace dream catchers and greenery.

Heesan Kopi

Another recommendation from my hostel, Heesan Kopi was a great place to while away a couple of hours with my sketchbook and a great coffee. Their selection of cakes was tempting too and I loved the murals on the walls.

Calanthe Art Cafe

Calanthe Art Cafe celebrates Malaysian coffee with 13 coffees sourced from across the country. The cafe showcases works by local artists, and even the tables themselves are beautifully painted. I went at dinner time and enjoyed their signature laksa, but I imagine it would be a great place for breakfast as well.

The Huskitory

This Husky experience was a huge highlight of my visit to Melaka, and to Malaysia overall. Anywhere that you can sit and cuddle beautiful Siberian huskies for an hour and a half will always get my vote! For that it deserved its own post which you can read here.

With my camera full of photos and a belly full of great food and coffee, it was time for me to move on to the next leg of my trip.

Have you been to Malaysia? Did you make it to Melaka? I’d love to hear about it in the comments ☺️

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