Easter at Betty’s Tea Room, Harrogate

At the start of this week I was in Harrogate for a conference, my second trip of my #Take12Trips challenge! Harrogate is a gorgeous little town in Yorkshire in the North of England and it was so nice to be there in Spring when all of the flowers and blossoms are in bloom. Inevitably the conference took up most of my time with lots to do during the day and into the evenings too. I did manage to steal away with some colleagues to a true Yorkshire institution – Betty’s Tea Room.

The first Betty’s Tea Room was opened in 1919 by a Swiss confectioner, Frederick Belmont. There are now many of them across Yorkshire, but none outside of the region, so they’re truly local. They serve a range of food with both Swiss and English influences, but are probably best known for their cream tea and cakes. 

We all ordered the Yorkshire Cream Tea consisting of two scones served with clotted cream and strawberry jam. The scones arrived on tiered cake stands and the tea in beautiful silverware. It would have been really lovely if the scones had been warmed up a little, but they were still tasty and the clotted cream was just heavenly. Of course the inevitable and age-old question of which you put on the scone first, cream or jam, naturally split the group! I fall firmly on the side of cream first as you can see…

Betty’s also has a bakery/shop selling cakes, but at this time of year the shop is stocked full of beautiful Easter gifts. They have everything from intricately decorated chocolate eggs to traditional simnel cakes. I’m celebrating Easter with my family this weekend so I bought a few stunning Easter egg biscuits to give them.

Betty’s is definitely worth experiencing if you’re in Harrogate. There’s one in York too and others dotted around Yorkshire. Let’s be honest there aren’t all that many good old English tea rooms around any more, so it’s great to see the demand at Betty’s. Often if you’re looking for afternoon tea in London, you’re more likely to find yourself in an up-market hotel than a traditional tea room. I might make it my mission this summer to find more of them!

Looking for last-minute Easter gift inspiration? This Easter Chocolate Bark is quick, easy, family-friendly and delicious!

Find out more about Betty’s on their website: https://www.bettys.co.uk/

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