Easter chocolate bark


If there’s something people associate with the Easter holiday, it’s chocolate! I wanted to make some little gifts for family and friends and some homemade chocolate bark seemed like the way to go.


The recipe is as simple as recipes get; melt the chocolate of your choice in a bain marie over a low heat, scoop it out on to a flat surface covered with a sheet of baking paper, lightly smooth it out with the back of a spoon, then decorate however you please! Once decorated, leave in a cool place to set.


Cadbury’s Mini Eggs were the obvious choice for decoration and I also found some freeze-dried raspberries that I thought would bring a pop of bright Spring colour and flavour.


I wanted to make a couple of different options so I also went for an eastern theme with a rich dark chocolate base for the second slab. I love the combination of cranberries and pistachios for their flavour and colour. The gold leaf was the finishing touch to add that little bit of luxury!


Then all that was left was to wrap them up before giving them away. I used clear presentation bags and tied them with some Easter coloured ribbon and a cute bunny decoration.

Have a go! There’s a whole world of things to decorate with. You could try sea salt, rose petals, hazelnuts, pretzels, just to name a few. Let me know which toppings you try in the comments.

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