The Indian Spice Shop, Drummond Street

Ever since going to Sri Lanka, and learning about how they cook their delicious sambols and curries at the Euphoria Spice Garden in Matale, I’ve been wondering where I might be able to buy fresh curry leaves and other ingredients in London. I’ve recently been wanting to have a go at some of the recipes I learned over there and so I did a bit of searching online to see where I might be able to find those hard-to-come-by ingredients.

The Indian Spice Shop on Drummond Street was pretty much the first result I came across and had plenty of good reviews. One of the reviews said that they sell fresh curry leaves so that clinched it for me and I decided to pay them a visit after work.


You can find lots of fresh herbs and vegetables outside the store. I was really excited to find Indian onions like the ones we used in Sri Lanka. They’re smaller than our regular onions and slightly purple in colour a bit like a shallot. I bought them to make some seeni sambol which is a sweet onion chutney-like condiment. That recipe will be coming soon!


I got there just in time to get the very last bag of fresh curry leaves so I was really relieved having made a special trip. It was a decent sized bag too (the photo only shows a handful) so I’ve popped some in the freezer so they’ll keep longer.


The shop has two entrances from the street. I went in the first one and was immediately met with rows upon rows of all imaginable spices. They sell pretty much every Indian/South Asian ingredient that you could possibly need from spices to pulses to naans and parathas. There are lots of hidden nooks and crannies so I made sure to have a look in around all of them to see what hidden gems were waiting!


I used the opportunity to stock up on a few dried herbs and spices and bought some green cardamoms, bay leaves, cassia cinnamon, and some crushed chilli flakes. They also have a range of tamarind products so I got some tamarind paste too. All of my purchases (adding in a sneaky pack of Bombay mix for the journey home) came to under £8!


I am going to see whether I can find a similar store closer to home, perhaps in Tooting, but for now I’m so excited to have found somewhere I can get all of the things I need to cook Sri Lankan food and for such an amazing price. I can’t wait to start sharing some of the recipes with you too!

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