A week in Brittany, France

24/10/2015: Cassoulet

This week we were on vacation with some friends from University and staying in Brittany, France, in the tiny little port village of Doëlan. After a looong drive from London today we sat down to a lovely warm bowl of cassoulet to get us right into the French spirit!


25/10/2015: Spinach and sweet potato curry with flatbread

Today a few of the girls went out into Doëlan to have a wander especially as the weather was so beautiful (and we weren’t sure how long that would last). It’s just an absolutely stunning place with the scattering of boats and the quaint lighthouses – I felt like I was walking through a postcard! The vibrant autumn colours of the trees and the fallen leaves just added to the beauty of the place.


20151025_Doelan_Brittany (2)

20151025_Doelan_Brittany (1)

We stopped for lunch on the opposite side of the river at Le Fond de Gale and I ordered a burger with a home-baked black bun which looked and tasted awesome. We also met the cutest little boxer puppy called Gaston who lives at the bistro.



For dinner, our friend Chris put this yummy curry on to cook in the morning so by the time we were eating it the house smelled delicious! Great curry with a perfect amount of kick.


26/10/2015: Cod with beurre blanc – Le Ponton, Lorient


Today we made a trip out to Lorient (mainly to stock up on food at the big Carrefour) but we had a little look around the harbour.

20151026_Lorient_BrittanyWe stopped off at Le Ponton which looked like it served some nice seafood. Mark and I went for a classic cod with a beurre blanc which was absolutely delicious! Everyone’s dish looked and tasted really good by all accounts and the staff were lovely so we all left as very happy bunnies – after pudding of course!


27/10/2015: French spread

We made it to 300 days! Today we celebrated our achievement with a plate of our favourite french goodies. Some french baguette, duck and also chicken rillettes which is similar to pate, some grated carrot in a yummy dressing, some couscous, some cold meats, and of course some cheese!


28/10/2015: Swordfish – Le Rive Gauche, Doëlan


This morning we went to the beach at Le Pouldu and enjoyed another morning of glorious weather!


The whole group went out for dinner again this evening, this time to Le Rive Gauche in Doëlan. Mark and I ordered the swordfish which was really yummy and had a great char on it where it had been grilled (but not too much of course!!). Some of the other dishes looked so good that I just had to take pictures of them too!




29/10/2015: Tarts

Today a small group of us headed out to Quimper which is a really pretty old town with really striking timbered buildings and a lot of crêperies! We stopped in one for lunch before looking around the cathedral.



I ordered a crêpe for dessert with cooked apple, apple caramel, and an apple cider ice cream! YUM!


Tonight Louise and Katy made us some savoury tarts; one with vegetables, one with tomato and egg, and one with bacon and mushrooms. We found a great shop in the nearby town of Clohars-Carnoët that sold loads of great fresh fruit and veg that I got far too excited about. Tonight we had some roasted black and orange carrots, and some purple potatoes to accompany our tarts which were delicious, but some people around the table found the colours a little disconcerting – I thought it was great!



30/10/2015: Raclette

Today was our last day in Brittany so Mark and I went for a last wander around Clohars-Carnoët and Doëlan and for a last afternoon stroll along the rocky coastline.


The house we were staying in had 2 raclette machines so Mark and I arranged a raclette party for tonight! We went all out and bought steak, bacon, potatoes, mushrooms, courgettes, aubergines, peppers, onions. It was so much fun cooking the bits and bobs on the hot plate on the top and then melting the cheese over them using your own little tray underneath! I ate way too much though!



So tomorrow we have a super early start to get home in time for the rugby final!

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