Mark’s week while Lizi was in DC

22/08/2015: Vegetable omelette with beetroot and steamed kale – own recipe

For how easy they are, I don’t cook enough omelettes at home, so I decided to make amends. I was also craving a big healthy dinner so raided the fresh vegetable section at the supermarket. I cooked a four egg omelette to start, and then stuffed it full of fried carrot, beansprouts, cabbage, peppers and broccoli. Served with a side of beetroot and kale, this was a great dinner and an easy one I’ll be doing again next year.


23/08/2015: Lamb dupiaza – Indian Express, Wandsworth

I tasted a bit of Lizi’s lamb dupiaza when she ordered it last Thursday and loved it, so didn’t take me long to order it for myself. This is quite a mild curry but still holds a little bit of spice to excite the taste buds. The lamb was great, and there was plenty of yummy sauce to soak up with my peshwari naan.


24/08/2015: Vegan bolognese with rice and kale crisps

I was round at Claire’s for dinner so I had it easy on the cooking front. She served up a lovely vegan bolognese with rice instead of pasta. I couldn’t really tell that there wasn’t meat in the bolognese, so no loss of taste there, and the addition of aubergine alongside the tomato was great. The dish was accompanied by some home cooked kale crisps, which are always tasty.


25/08/2015: Prawn stir-fry with satay sauce

I’m a big fan of stir-fries but we haven’t had many yet this year. I guess I like being able to chuck left over vegetables into a pan and knowing that it will usually come out nice. This was a pretty simple prawn stir-fry, which I served with a packet of Amoy satay sauce. Easy and delicious!


26/08/2015: Char-siu soup noodle – Noodle noodle, Victoria

This restaurant is very local to work and the first time I’ve been, but the food was disappointing so I don’t think I’ll be back. The roast pork was good but that was about it. The soup had no flavour whatsoever. I could have heated up water and chucked vegetables in at work if I wanted.


27/08/2015: Sweet potato falafel hot box – Leon

My main meal for today was lunch as I was out for the evening and probably not having a proper dinner. I decided to head back to Leon and ended up picking the sweet potato falafels. The falafels themselves were actually pretty good but I would have hoped for a bit more in the box. I ended up having a lot of accompanying veg and rice after I had polished off the falafels.


28/08/2015: Pad thai – Hi Bangkok, Wimbledon

Lizi has already had a pad thai earlier in the year so this was a catch up meal for me. I love this dish, and there was lots of it! Yummy Friday comfort food.


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