Steph and Owen visiting and our Glasglow trip

22/06/15: Sundried tomato pasta salad with spinach leaf pasta –

Once again, we were up for something simple tonight so we chose this dish to use the spinach pasta that we brought back from Italy. I love that the shape looks like actual spinach leaves! It was a bit of a pain to cook as we didn’t feel it was cooking evenly, but we got there in the end. The sun-dried tomato dressing was easy peasy, just whizzed up in a blender and then the feta and olives added at the end. I think blending the sun-dried tomatoes into the dressing worked really well and is a great idea as sun-dried tomatoes on their own can be a bit too much in my opinion.


Lizi: Pork medallions with olive and caper sauce – We are not Martha

My sister was over to stay and Mark was out tonight for a friend’s birthday so Steph offered to cook for me which was lovely. We had introduced her to capers yesterday so we wanted to try cooking with them and found this recipe. It was really tasty and a great, simple dish. I’m loving our blender at the moment as it makes it so much easier to whip up a quick sauce or dressing.


Mark: Pork burrito with black beans and coriander rice – Tortilla, Victoria

As I was out at the pub for a friend’s birthday it was going to be a quick and easy dinner on the go. I decided to go for one that would also help soak up the beer so stopped off for a large burrito in Tortilla. I do love a good burrito, and pork is one of my favourite fillings. To accompany the juicy pork I went for all the extras; fried pepper, black beans, coriander rice, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, salsa, and lettuce. Delicious! I was pretty full by the end.



There’s a pub not far from our house called The Garden Shed, which is a great place to have drinks, food, they have some live music, outdoor seating, board games you can borrow, and so on. They used to do a huge menu of pizzas that were all a bit different and we used to love going there and trying something new. I particularly loved their minted lamb pizza with veg and a drizzle of tzatziki. A few months ago they changed their menu to include some other dishes and took out a lot of the more creative pizzas so the menu became much more pubby. It’s still a great pub, but a shame about the pizzas! I had been promising Steph that we would go and try their pizzas but now they’ve changed their menu it hasn’t been as much of a hurry. Also, it’s much easier to eat at home once my nephew is in bed. So we decided to try and make our own versions! I made my cheat’s pizza base that I’ve mentioned before with 1 cup of self raising flour and adding Greek yoghurt (real, not Greek style) to it until you reach the right texture. Yum!

Lizi: Homemade “The Spaniard” pizza

We had some chorizo in the fridge so Steph and I chose the “Spaniard” pizza with butternut squash, chorizo, chilli, spring onions, rocket, and chilli-infused olive oil.


Mark: Homemade “The Vege Patch” pizza

Mark had the “Spaniard” pizza a little while ago when he went out for dinner with a friend he chose the “Vege Patch” pizza instead with red onions, butternut squash, mushrooms, broccoli, feta, sun-dried tomatoes and a garlic aioli dressing.


25/06/15: Smoked salmon and spaghetti with basil cream sauce

Steph left today but had bought some smoked salmon that she didn’t manage to use up so I decided to make this smoked salmon pasta with a basil cream sauce. The sauce was so easy! Just blend up a load of basil with parmesan and some other ingredients to give it the creaminess and you’re done.


26/06/15: Spaghetti with mushroom and tomato sauce – own recipe

We had mushrooms and chopped tomatoes that we had left over from pizzas on Wednesday, as well as spaghetti left over from last night, so I cooked up the mushrooms in the tomato sauce and mixed into the cooked spaghetti. Easy peasy! We topped it off with some grated parmesan (new staple ingredient after our holiday) and it was delicious! Great way to use up a lot of leftovers. In the back of the photo you can see that I made some sneaky extras by making the same pizza-style dough that I made earlier in the week but adding a bit of grated parmesan to make cheese blinis and topped each with a bit more salmon, a squeeze of lemon juice and a caper.


27/06/15 – The Piper’s Tryst, Glasgow

Today we were in Glasgow so that we could do some sightseeing and stay the night before our friend’s wedding tomorrow.


Tonight we chose The Piper’s Tryst for a taste of Scotland. It’s quite a small restaurant attached to a hotel and the staff are lovely! There was Scottish folk music playing which added to the atmosphere.

Lizi: Crab linguine

I ordered the Salad of Ramsay’s black pudding, crispy bacon and packed Kilduncan duck egg to start which was really, really good, and then followed it with the crab linguine. The main was enormous, and I have to admit that I didn’t love it. It was a bit under-seasoned but quite spicy and I think perhaps I don’t love crab as much as I thought. I think crab on its own is great but I don’t enjoy it so much flaked into linguine as you lose some of the crab flavour.


Mark: Mushroom, porcini and ricotta ravioli

I started off the meal with a ‘Trio of Tweeds’, which was a selection of black pudding, white pudding and haggis, each rolled in pinhead oatmeal. I love all three so this was a delicious starter. I went for the ravioli as my main as I’m a big fan. I was pleasantly surprised by their size, and the texture of the pasta was spot on. The ravioli filling was excellent and went well with the accompanying herby butter sauce.  Great meal at this lovely restaurant.


28/06/15: Salmon with beurre blanc

We were at our friend’s wedding today at House for an Art Lover in Glasgow which is a beautiful location and building. They had a Humanist wedding which was a new experience for me – quite similar to other civil ceremonies but with a touch of something more than just legality and apparently you can only have Humanist ceremonies in Scotland. The ceremony was lovely and then we went out into the ground for photos. The weather held out after being grey and wet in the morning so that was a relief for the happy couple. After photos, we had some canapes and bubbly, and I have to mention the haggis canapes which were balls of haggis rolled in a crispy oat coating – delish! Then for dinner we had the salmon served with potato, cabbage, and a lovely beurre blanc. There was a ceilidh for the evening reception so an incredibly Scottish event and great fun – I even had whiskey spilled over me at one point!


29/06/15: Butternut squash and apples on toast – Better on Toast, Jill Donenfeld

We had some leftover butternut squash after making pizzas earlier in the week so I thought I’d look to see if I could find any recipes using squash in our Better on Toast book as nobody wants to have to make a huge effort on a Monday. This combination of squash and apples looked interesting enough to me and we had the right ingredients so we thought we’d give it a go. I thought it worked really well and an easy enough way to use up some old squash!


30/06/15: Pork medallions with balsamic-honey glaze – Food Network

We bought ourselves some nice balsamic vinegar in Italy and had some pork in the freezer so thought we’d try out this recipe tonight. It surprised me how easy and quick this was to make actually. Mix the ingredients for the glaze, brown the pork, pour the glaze over the top and then pop it in the oven for 10 minutes. It tasted really good but I would maybe put more honey in next time and try to get more of a balance with the acidity of the balsamic.



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