Mark at Henley

02/07/2015: Chicken caesar salad – The Catherine Wheel, Henley

I was camping in Henley for a couple of nights to watch the regatta, and primarily have fun with friends in the sun. Of course this means no kitchen equipment! First night and a group of us went to the ‘spoons in town for food and more drinks. If you get in early then you beat the queues. I opted out of the usual ‘spoons burgers as I didn’t want to use up my burger option so went for the classic caesar salad. I was actually quite impressed with the meal and thought it had a good flavour. As ever with ‘spoons, the portion size was generous, and I paid the extra for bacon. Not sure it helped soak up any of the alcohol already consumed though…


03/07/2015: Primavera salad – Pizza Express, Henley

For our last night in Henley, Matt and I grabbed a quick meal at Pizza Express before meeting up with friends for more Henley merriment. I opted for another salad in an attempt to counter the amount of snacks and drinks I had consumed all day. This salad was packed full of yummy ingredients that I love so I was pretty happy with my choice. Hard to go wrong really.


04/07/2015: Salmon teriyaki bento – Noodle Foodle, Wimbledon

After packing up the tent at Henley, I spent most of the day looking at wedding venues and driving around the M4. I eventually made it back home in Wimbledon pretty late so didn’t really feel like going out for ingredients and cooking. A quick visit to JustEat and I settled on a salmon teriyaki bento.  The bento came with a nice selection of extras and a big chunky piece of salmon. The teriyaki sauce was pretty standard, which isn’t a bad thing but I’m sure we all know what it taste like! Overall a great take-out choice.


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