Summer is coming!

11/05/2015: Mac n Cheese

Mark had Kraft Mac & Cheese which is AWFUL…AWFUL so I made my own because I Just. Couldn’t. Eat it. I don’t use a recipe for this as I just make it up every time. Just make a white sauce with some flour, butter and milk, add a LOT of cheese and some salt and pepper to season, and then mix in some cooked macaroni.


12/05/2015: Beef hor-fun Cantonese style – Ekachai, Wandsworth

We were out at the cinema tonight to see the new Avengers film and grabbed a bite to eat from Ekachai before the film. We went for the beef hor-fun which was tasty although a little bit greasy. We left a bit of room for cinema pick & mix too!


13/05/2015: Curried quinoa salad with cucumber and mint raita –

We actually had this as a warm salad as we couldn’t be bothered to wait for the quinoa to cool completely as the recipe suggests. There wasn’t enough flavour in the quinoa for me and you would want to add a lot more especially if you plan to eat it cold. I wasn’t really bowled over by this which is a shame as I thought the concept sounded good.


14/05/2015: Cucumber and celery salad with tuna – Martha Stewart

Great crunchy fresh veg and tuna with a nice dressing that we would eat again for sure. We made with black sesame seeds instead of poppy seeds as we didn’t have poppy seeds in, and I think poppy seeds would be nice but I think either is fine.


15/05/2015: Pomegranate, pear, and avocado salad – All Kind of Greatness

Salads are so great! They’re so eeeeasy! We went for the blue cheese option for this recipe instead of using goat’s or feta as you can use what you want for this recipe and we just fancied it. It was great! Will make again for lunches soon.


16/05/2015: Omurice – own recipe

You could follow a recipe for this if you like, but I honestly haven’t used one so far that I could recommend. I have found in the past that the rice doesn’t end up with enough flavour, so this time I put my money where my mouth is and made it my way. It’s really easy, you put some Japanese rice on to cook and while that’s bubbling away fry up some chopped onion and other vegetables – I used carrots and peas. Then once the rice is done, stir it into the veggies and then add soy sauce and tomato ketchup until you reach your optimum flavour. Follow the golden rule – keep tasting it! Then in another frying pan, or crêpe pan if you have one, fry the thinnest omelette you possibly can. Once the egg is cooked, put on to a plate, add in the rice, and roll it up. Then squeeze some ketchup over the top to decorate and you’re done. Now, while you’re eating, google “omurice” and look at all the kawaii versions people have made!


17/05/2015: Stilton and pear on walnut toast – own recipe

We had some Stilton and pears to use after our salad the other night and I was up in Wimbledon village today running some errands so I figured I’d pick up some of our beloved walnut bread from Le Pain Quotidien on my way home. I was really lucky as I got their last half loaf! We toasted some walnut bread, layered some sliced pear and crumled the Stilton on top and served with a side salad with pomegranate and orange segments (orange in salads = my new favourite thing!).

20150517 20150517_Suppl1

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