Mark’s week while Lizi’s in Philly

05/05/2015: The Spaniard Pizza – The Garden Shed, Wimbledon

I was down at the local pub with my fried Alex while Lizi was spending her first night in the States. This pub re-opened last year and specialised in freshly baked pizzas. Unfortunately the menu has been reduced in recent months and other pub food has been added so I couldn’t go with my favourite. Instead I went for ‘The Spaniard’, which is a combination of spicy chorizo and butternut squash with a few other flavours chucked in for good measure. You can definitely tell when a pizza has been freshly baked and this didn’t disappoint. I love the dough they use here, and the squash was a great addition.


06/05/2015: Chilli hot dogs – own recipe

This was a copy of Lizi’s dinner on Monday, and it was fantastic! Chilli, hot dog, all the garnishes – yum yum yum. Not much else to say.


07/05/2015: Aromatic lamb curry with spiced rice and lentil pilaf – M&S Food

I was out with work colleagues tonight so had dinner in the office before leaving. This meant I went down the good old ready meal option from M&S (bought a 3 for £7 offer so look out for Sunday’s entry). The choice was actually very nice for a ready meal and I would get it again for an easy work lunch.


08/05/2015: Poached haddock with potato salad and kale – home recipe

I was heading back to Peasemore for the weekend so got home late after a train journey. Mum had a lovely potato salad made up and poached some haddock fillets to accompany. Very tasty dish and super healthy as well!


09/05/2015: Rabbit roulade with mixed vegetables – The Fox at Peasemore

Being back at Peasemore, I went for a nice meal with the family at the local pub. The menu here is great, and the rabbit jumped out at me as the best option. I think I can easily say that this was the best rabbit I’ve ever had. It was beautifully tender, which can be very hard with rabbit, and I couldn’t get enough of it. The menu changes with the season but really hoping they bring this back next year.


10/05/2015: Cod rogan balti with chips – M&S Food

Tonight was using up one of the M&S meals I bought on Thursday. This one wasn’t quite as good as the first and there wasn’t much flavour in the balti. The chips with salad cream were probably the highlight, which isn’t saying much. Won’t be having this again!


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