Happy Birthday Mark!


Lizi: Beef gyu don buri – Noodle Foodle, Wimbledon


Mark and I decided that tonight we’d have something that the other person had eaten already so I went for a beef gyudon. There’s not much that can go wrong with this dish so it’s pretty satisfying especially if you’re quite hungry.


Mark: Sausage and mushroom omelette – own recipe

So Mark went for the sausage and mushroom omelette that I had while he was in Hamburg. You can’t go far wrong with an omelette and it’s a pretty simple weeknight thrown-together dish.


29/04/2015: Mexican street food – Wahaca, Wimbledon


Today was Mark’s birthday and so we went out to Wahaca for some Mexican street food. We ordered a few small plates to share so that we could try a few different dishes. We ordered some frijoles to start which tasted great! I couldn’t stop going back for more! We ordered a couple of tostadas and tacos to sample, and my favourites by a mile were the sweet potato and feta taquitos – SO FLIPPIN’ GOOD! Next time I would just order a bunch of those and be done with it! Mark’s Mum and Sister ordered the salad bowls that come in a big tortilla bowl which look really fun.


30/04/2015: Singapore noodles – The Singha Express, Earlsfield


I really fancied Singapore noodles this evening for some reason and so we browsed a few restaurants on Just Eat to find some. The portion was massive and did a main meal and a lunch which is always good.


01/05/2015: Greek lamb with orzo – BBC Good Food


My sister, brother-in-law and nephew were staying over this weekend and they offered to cook us a couple of meals to contribute to our project! I woke up before work this morning to find them busying away in the kitchen getting the slow cooker ready to do its magic during the day. The house smelled incredible when we got home from work with the lamb bubbling away! The last step was to add in the orzo for a little while and then it was ready. We had it with half-baked rolls and some red wine and the stresses of the day melted away with such delicious food and good company!


02/05/2015: Summer salad with feta, peach and avocado – Tesco realfood


Steph and Matt cooked again today and prepared a lovely colourful salad for us. They have an awesome picnic set so we took everything to the indoor picnic area (what a great idea!) at the Science Museum and got all our plates and glasses out and had a very civilised picnic! It was great! The salad lived up to expectations too – I mean how can a salad that colourful possibly disappoint? Afterwards we took Owen to see some of the planes and decided we’ll definitely bring him back in a few years when he’s a bit older and can appreciate it a bit more.


03/05/2015: Grandpa sardines – Better on Toast, Jill Donenfeld


Steph and Matt went home today and Mark and I decided to make something out of his new book that he got for his birthday. We went for what is essentially sardines on toast so is really simple to make, but the pesto-esque spread that accompanies it packs in so much fresh flavour it was a great addition. It was so easy and tasted great – definitely a good one for a weeknight!


04/05/2015: Nut roast – The Dog and Fox, Wimbledon Village


Today was a bank holiday and the last day before I go away again for a week so we went out to the village and had a nice lunch together. We’d heard that the Dog and Fox does a good nut roast so we thought we’d sample that. I thought it was lovely and the fact it came with an enormous Yorkshire pud was a plus too. I could taste quite a bit of fennel so I think there were fennel seeds in the roast which I’m not a huge fan of but it probably wasn’t overpowering, especially if you don’t have a problem with fennel. We also thought that the gravy didn’t go very far despite looking like a good amount when it arrived so it must have had a lot to soak into. Could have done with a little bit more but overall it was a good dish.


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