25/04/2015: Miso noodle soup with beef – Cha Cha, Hamburg

I was in Hamburg for a long weekend in order to run the marathon, and also a squeeze in a bit of relaxed sightseeing! Although Lizi wasn’t coming with me I had a few friends to keep me company. This place was recommended by Stu as he often comes here for lunch breaks with colleagues. It’s a chain restaurant, which had a similar atmosphere to Wagamama, but I thought the food was a lot better. I stayed safe on the menu because of the marathon in the morning but the noodle soup had bags of flavour. The beef was incredibly succulent and I definitely wanted more by the end. A great start to the trip!


26/04/2015: Pannfisch – salmon, pollack and monkfish in mustard sauce, served with fried potatoes – Room service, Hotel Sofitel

Marathon complete! Overall it was a nice run around the city and the rain managed to stay away until the last few kilometers. After an afternoon nap and a trip to the hotel spa I really couldn’t be bothered to go out a find a restaurant (as well as everything being closed on a Sunday!). Bring on the room service. This main course stood out from the menu as it was a speciality of Hamburg, as well as including some delicious ingredients which would help me recover from the run. The food was brilliant and the portion size generous, what more could I have asked for? The three big chunks of fish were all cooked well and I was a big fan of the mustard sauce. I’ll be looking to have this again next time I’m in Hamburg.


27/04/2015: North Sea plaice, Finkenwerder style, with bacon and fried potatoes – Daniel Wischer, Hamburg

This restaurant was recommended in the guide book for serving traditional Hamburg dishes at a reasonable price. I was pretty tired after a morning of exploring the city on achy legs so couldn’t resist ordering the whole fish. As expected, the plaice was delicious and easily slid off the bone. No way I was leaving any left behind. Accompanied with a local lager this was the perfect meal to end my trip to Hamburg.


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