Apple Day at Borough Market

It's not often these days that Mark and I find ourselves in London for the whole weekend, so it was exciting to be around when there's something going on that we were particularly keen to do! With family visiting at the weekend, we headed to the Apple Day festivities at Borough Market. I first learned … Continue reading Apple Day at Borough Market


Fire & Wild “GATHER”: A Woodland Feast

About two weeks ago, Mark and I spent an afternoon in a secluded woodland in Sussex with a group of complete strangers enjoying some wonderful food and company. I'd seen Fire & Wild on Instagram (check out their incredible profile here) and was instantly drawn to their idea and their menu. All cooked over a … Continue reading Fire & Wild “GATHER”: A Woodland Feast

Strawberry Picking in Berkshire and Homemade Jam

Summer = strawberries, especially with Wimbledon coming up, and there's nothing quite like locally grown British strawberries. I don't remember ever going strawberry picking before, so after hearing that a couple of friends had been, and seeing photos on Instagram, I figured why not! It's a great way to get outdoors, engage in a local … Continue reading Strawberry Picking in Berkshire and Homemade Jam

Hinamatsuri – Celebrating Japan’s Girls’ Day

In 2015 I had the privilege of staying with my Japanese friend's family in Tokyo for two weeks in February/March. They were such kind and generous hosts and I took away so many amazing memories from that experience. My trip happened to coincide with the Japanese festival of Hinamatsuri, also known as the Doll Festival … Continue reading Hinamatsuri – Celebrating Japan’s Girls’ Day