A short travelling update

It’s been a fair while since I shared anything about my travels which I know is quite unlike me. I’ve been on the road now for almost a month and it’s been a real rollercoaster! My first stop was Singapore, followed by two weeks in Australia with Mark, then Mark went home and I continued on to Indonesia. I’ve got so much to write on this blog, but Australia was so busy I didn’t have a lot of time, and so far in Bali I have been fully embracing a slower pace. I’ve been using my quieter times to sketch rather than blogging, and it’s not that I haven’t had the motivation, but rather my motivation has been towards something different. I will definitely catch up on this blog, perhaps on a slightly more delayed schedule, but for now I’m enjoying having headspace to reflect.

I’m currently staying on Nusa Lembongan, an island to the south east of Bali which is fairly quiet (by Indonesian standards) and absolutely stunning. The coastline is rugged and constantly under siege from the huge crashing waves, and yet the water is so blue and strangely inviting! I haven’t been able to snorkel here as the swell has been particularly bad and I think the boat rides would wreak havoc with my seasickness, but I’ve been spending plenty of time on cliffs looking out in awe over the sheer magnificent power of the sea.

Anyway, I appreciate your patience while I take a beat to make the most of my time away and I can’t wait to share more posts about what I’ve been up to!

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