Paella kit from Eat Paella – my review

I’ve been meaning to write this post for ages and finally got around to it! It was my birthday back in May and my sister and brother-in-law bought me an awesome selection of Spanish foods: a kit for making churros (including the chocolate sauce!), a book of tapas recipes, and this beautiful paella kit.


The kit was from Eat Paella, a family business run by Jose Lluna, and you can buy their goods online. They source authentic Spanish products and package them up into these kits along with Jose’s family’s recipes. The kits come beautifully presented and make great gifts. Mine came with a tin of paprika, a jar of saffron substitute, and a gorgeous little bag of rice. I love the fabric bag that the rice comes in – it’s the kind of thing I would even frame once the rice is finished…!

There is a good selection to choose from and you can order kits that just have the authentic Spanish ingredients, or you can get kits that come with paella pans too.


The instructions are easy enough to follow and we have cooked up some yummy paella variations. I’m still working on getting that perfect crust on the bottom without it burning a little or me getting impatient because it smells so delicious that I can’t wait long enough…


I can definitely recommend this kit as a great gift idea. The ingredients come beautifully presented, the instructions are easy to follow to get a great result, and who doesn’t love a good paella?

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