Ichiryu Udon House

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Ichiryu is a newly opened udon restaurant on New Oxford Street from the people behind the Japan Centre and downright delicious Shoryu Ramen. As soon as I heard about this place I had to give it a try!


Walking into Ichiryu we were met by their friendly staff who showed us to our table and asked that we place our orders at the till. Mark went for Niku Beef in a hot bonito broth, and I chose the Kamatama which was a bed of hot udon topped with ontama egg, spring onions and tempura pieces, with a bonito sauce to pour over the top.

Ontama or onsen tamago means “hot-spring egg” and the name originates from when these eggs would have been cooked in the natural hot springs in Japan. The egg is cooked at a constant temperature of 65-68°C and the result is a poached egg that’s just set on the outside and silky smooth all the way through. There’s a great recipe for onsen tamago on the Just One Cookbook blog which is my go-to blog for any Japanese recipes.


Mark’s beef was beautifully tender and the broth smelled absolutely heavenly as the bowl was set down on the table. I loved the simplicity and comfort of my dish with the softest ontama egg that just melted into my noodles.

I couldn’t resist ordering their matcha cheesecake for dessert which is something I haven’t tried before. I love all things matcha and I was intrigued!


The food was delicious, well-priced, and the service was friendly and quick. They also have a range of food and drink to take-away if you’re really in a hurry.


I can’t wait to go back and try more of their udon! Maybe curry udon next time?

Here’s their website – take a look!


I have not been paid by Ichiryu to write this post and I paid for my own meal.

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