Sri Lankan, Jamaican, and good old East London grub!

16/11/2015: Kothu Roti – Palm Beach, Wembley

My friend Ashanti, who’s family are Sri Lankan, has been on about taking me to this Sri Lankan restaurant for ages and we finally got our acts together and made the trek out to Wembley. It was absolutely worth it and was the first time for me to try Kothu Roti which I think I might end up living on when Mark and I go to Sri Lanka for our honeymoon next year. It’s basically a type of roti called godhamba roti chopped and mixed with vegetables and curry spices – YUM! This was a great restaurant, but be aware that the curries are seriously spicy!


17/11/2015: Jamaican patties – Jamaica Patty Co., Covent Garden

Tonight we were out for some Jamaican food with the Feast of Nations crowd. This isn’t normally the sort of venue we’ve been going to for these meals as it’s a take-away, but these patties were delicious! Mark and I were brave (greedy) and got 3 to share between us and chose the goat curry, jerk chicken, and saltfish & ackee. They were all so yummy and I loved the pastry! I genuinely could not choose a favourite out of the three we tried because they were all so different and so delicious. Maaaybe the saltfish…but then what about…ARGH!


18/11/2015: Chicken fried rice – Rachel Schultz

We were using up some chicken tonight so I found this recipe for fried rice which was really easy! Couldn’t ask for more and it was really yummy!


19/11/2015: Shakshuka – Food 52

Tonight we were using up some eggs from last night’s fried rice for this delicious shakshuka. Next time I think I’ll be a bit more patient and wait for the sauce to reduce a little more before I add the eggs, and I’ll add more harissa too as the recipe says you can add to taste.


20/11/2015: Bacon and cheese chicken royale – Burger King

We were really naughty tonight and went to Burger King after fiiiinally going to see The Martian in a tiny little cinema screen in Leicester Square.


21/11/2015: Traditional salt beef bagel – Beigel Bake, Brick Lane

Today we went on Eating London’s East End Food Tour which Claire had bought us tickets to as a present quite a while ago. One of the stops was the 24-hour bagel shop and Brick Lane institution, Beigel Bake. What else could we order except this traditional salt beef bagel with pickles and mustard? The bagel was so soft and the meat was melt-in-your-mouth tender! Definitely a must if you’re in the area.


22/11/2015: Lamb Pathia – Indian Express, Wandsworth

We both really enjoyed the lamb pathia that we sampled at Aladdin, Brick Lane, during yesterday’s food tour, so we decided to order it tonight with some plain naan bread and pilau rice. It’s quite a sweet curry so it’s right up Mark’s street!


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