40 weeks done as Autumn closes in

If we’ve done 40 weeks…that means we only have 12 left! Exciting!!

05/10/2015: “Autumn salad” with figs, prosciutto, Stilton, and candied walnuts


Mark found this recipe for tonight and I couldn’t wait to eat it! I absolutely love figs and always look forward to this time of year! The combination of flavours in this salad was perfect and I was surprised by how easy it is to candy walnuts as that was a first for me. I’ve always been a bit scared of cooking with sugar on the hob…not sure why after cooking this. Will definitely be making this again.


06/10/2015: Beets, squash, and feta superbowl – Pret a Manger


I was out tonight so Mark and I decided to coordinate on lunch. This Pret salad is great! I love all of the ingredients and it’s just so wholesome.


07/10/2015: Tomberry and butterbean salad – own recipe

I found these tomberries in Sainsbury’s and had to buy them. Apparently they’re a new type of tomato developed in the Netherlands that are meant to be smaller and sweeter. They’re perfect for canapes because of their size, but I didn’t find a lot of other recipes for them. I found some butter beans in the cupboard and we had some kale in the fridge so I just made a quick salad and topped it with a simple dressing but snuck in some cayenne pepper to give it a nice kick.


08/10/2015: Boursin pasta with spring peas – A Cup of Jo


I’m a huge fan of Boursin cheese and bought some during a recent shop because we haven’t had any in for a while. I found a simple Boursin pasta recipe for tonight which went down a treat. I love the idea of sprinkling some lemon zest over the top and thought it worked really well to finish off the dish.


09/10/2015: Apple, pecan and feta salad with honey apple dressing


Mark found another great salad for this evening and another celebration of autumn flavours. I thought it might be really sweet but it the pecans, feta, and kale balanced the honey dressing and the apples.


10/10/2015: Georgian feast – Tbilisi, Holloway


We were out again with the Feast of Nations crowd for some Georgian food. My favourite dish hands down was the chicken with walnut sauce (although not so much the rice/cornflour concoction it was served with), and the lamb with tarragon was tasty too. We didn’t try any of their grilled dishes but they certinaly looked good. We sampled their coffee cake for dessert which was just amazing! I also thought their honey cake was great too. Service was…let’s say relaxed – they certainly weren’t in a hurry and seemed a little disorganised, but it didn’t really impact our evening. We also ordered a couple of Georgian lemonades to try; one pear and one tarragon flavour. I actually really enjoyed the tarragon lemonade although the colour was a bit off-putting…

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11/10/2015: Chicken and chickpea curry

Tonight we were out visiting our friends’ new house in Woking. They cooked a yummy chicken and chickpea curry for us from scratch which was delicious and made their house smell amazing!


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