Our 5th Anniversary

06/03/15: Moo Phad Khing – Hi Bangkok, Wimbledon


Lizi flew back from Japan today so we went with the easy option of a take-away once home from the airport. After two weeks of Japanese food it seemed like a good idea to switch to Thai for the evening. We went for a Moo Phad Khing which is stir fried pork with fresh ginger, spring onion, mushroom & yellow bean sauce. The dish was simple but really fresh and enjoyable so we were happy with our choice! The pork in particular was well cooked and juicy. Just what we needed on a Friday evening.20150306

07/03/15: Simmered spring cabbage and spring onions with mustard cream – Cookpad


 We found this dish when thinking of how to use up a couple of things from the fridge. The recipe looked good but we added In some chicken to give the dish a bit more substance, as well as serving with a side of rice and broccoli. The mustard cream was delicious and went well with the potato and cabbage. Overall a pretty good find for leftover night!


08/03/15: Côte Brasserie, Wimbledon


Lizi: Roasted seabass

Tonight was our 5th Anniversary! We decided to book at table at Côte Brasserie in the village and treat ourselves. Unfortunately I was still pretty jet-lagged but I managed to stay awake! I ordered the sea bass which was served with braised fennel and a champagne buerre blanc with tomatos and herbs. It was delicious and I particularly enjoyed the sauce. I’m not a massive fan of fennel but that’s just a personal preference. I thoroughly enjoyed my dish!


Mark: Roasted pork belly

Pork Belly! Need I say more? This was really yummy and a good sized bit of pork. The top of the pork looked a little over-salted on arrival but I managed to take some of it off and the remainder served me well. I also ordered a side of potato dauphinoise as the dish accompaniments looked a little lacking on the menu.


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