Mark home alone again – week 2

01/03/15: Nikujaga

I found a recipe online to match Lizi’s home cooked Nikujaga meal from last week. I used Irish beef strips for the meat, which were really easy to fry and  stayed nice and tender. Couldn’t go wrong with the flavours involved, and particularly enjoyed mixing my side of rice with the left over beef and dashi stock.


02/03/15: Chilli beef ramen – Oki, Wimbledon

A nice spicy hot ramen dish for a cold rainy evening! I was glad that the chilli wasn’t overwhelming and the portion of beef was very generous. Very happy with my choice.


03/03/15: Four wings salad – Sticks’n’Sushi, Wimbledon

My Mum came to Wimbledon for dinner so we went out to Sticks’n’Sushi with my sister Claire. This restaurant is brilliant and I highly recommend a visit to anyone who hasn’t been before. Although it specialises in sushi there is plenty of other choice on the menu and this salad stood out as looking both healthy and delicious. I definitely wasn’t disappointed. Every part of the salad was delicious, and the portion size was spot on.


04/03/15: Okonomiyaki – home recipe

Time for a Japanese favourite. Claire came round for dinner and cooked me a huge okonomiyaki. We used left over beef strips from the nikujaga on one half, and king prawns on the other. Once cooked we finished it off with the usual okonomiyaki sauce, mayo, nori and fish flakes. Yummy!


05/03/15: Four veggie lasagne – home recipe

I had dinner with my friends Anisha and Ghaya at their house tonight. They were aware of the 365 dinner challenge and kindly cooked me a lovely four vegetable lasagna. In-between the lasagna sheets was a delicious mix of aubergine, peppers, spinach, passata and ricotta. Luckily there was enough for seconds 🙂


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