Long time no post!!

So we have a LOT of catching up to do! We’ve been pretty busy lately but don’t worry – the 365 project is still going strong! It was only when we were chatting with some friends yesterday that we realised this delay in posting may actually make you guys think we’d given up – but never fear! So back in February…

08/02/15: Goat’s cheese tagliatelle – Reader’s digest’s Fast Healthy Food in 30 Minutes or Less


This was a fairly easy dish to put together and the hazelnuts added a nice bit of crunch and flavour. The sauce could have been creamier but then it wouldn’t’ be as healthy would it?!


09/02/15: Goat’s cheese and caramelised onion pizza – own recipe

We had a good bit of goat’s cheese leftover from last night’s pasta so I thought it would be quick and simple to caramelise up some onions and chuck it all on a pizza! It’s so easy to buy oven pizzas and cook them up but being able to make your own makes using up fridge odds-and-ends really easy. I used this cheat recipe to make the dough that I now can’t seem to find the link to anywhere! Basically you add equal parts self raising flour and Greek yoghurt and mix. Top 3 tips for using this cheat recipe: 1. about 1 cup of each makes 1 individual-size pizza, 2. cook the base a little before you put toppings on and then it’s about 10 minutes to cook, 3. don’t use “Greek style” yoghurt as it won’t give the right consistency – make sure you have actual Greek yoghurt.


10/02/15: Tagliatelle and chorizo ragu – Ryland Peters & Small’s The Student Cookbook: Great Grub for the Hungry and the Broke


I LOVE this recipe! I’ve made this before but made the mistake of using the wrong chorizo meat. This time I found raw chorizo sausages and just took the meat out of the skins before cooking. It’s really easy to make (as it’s a recipe aimed at students) and it tastes absolutely delicious! Definitely recommend this and will be making again at some point!


11/02/15: Leek and potato soup – The Pretty Blog


You can’t go wrong with a good old classic soup! Now that we’ve got our blender all set up we’ve been amazed at how easy it is! We got some more part-baked bread to have with it and treated ourselves to a glass of wine too.



Lizi: Halloumi and red pepper wraps – own recipe

So one big success of this project already is that we’ve discovered halloumi…not that we hadn’t tried it before but we hadn’t used it in our cooking at home. It’s so easy to prepare and it’s delicious! This was a quick weeknight dinner (very important cuisine right there!) and it was yummy, healthy and so quick to just throw together. I love this bistro salad bag that Sainsbury’s do – it’s great if you like to get some salad greens every now and then that are a change from iceberg or plain spinach, but maybe like me you’re not all that keen on rocket.


Mark: Thai duck potsu – Itsu


I was out at a colleague’s leaving drinks tonight so a home cooked dinner was not going to happen! Picked up a favourite of mine at Itsu on the way home. Love the sauce and duck combination in this, and the portion size is bang on.


13/02/15: Sesame crusted seared tuna and asian noodle salad

Similar here and here.

Mark and I really fancied tuna for tonight’s meal so Mark picked up a fresh tuna fillet from Waitrose on his way home from work. We coated the tuna in sesame seeds and a pinch of seasoning, using just a brush of oil so that the seeds would stick, and seared it in a pan before chopping it into thin slices to serve. We served the tuna along with a fresh salad and some cold soba (buckwheat) noodles with soy and sesame sauce and topped with edamame beans.


14/02/15: Chickpea and apricot tagine – The Boaters Inn, Kingston upon Thames


Today we were out with friends to watch the second weekend of the RBS Six Nations and we went to The Boaters Inn which is a lovely pub right by the river at Kingston upon Thames. We both went for this tagine which was simple but it tasted good and was a great dinner for a cold and rainy day. Unfortunately, the pub wasn’t the best to watch the rugby as there was only one screen that wasn’t in view from most tables so we moved to The Bishop Pub back towards town and also on the river. They had a big screen upstairs where we could sit and watch the game.



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