Dolce by Ferrero Rocher

Dolce by Ferrero Rocher is a dessert pop up in Covent Garden that has been running since early December and serving what they’re calling a “multi-layered dining experience”. As soon as I heard about the pop up I snapped up a couple of tickets – this wasn’t something I was going to miss! The event is now sold out online and today is the final day, but they still have a number of tables for walk-ins from 1pm if you don’t mind queuing.

The idea of Dolce by Ferrero Rocher is a celebration of the different textures and layers in a classic Ferrero Rocher chocolate and so they have created five mini desserts each inspired by a different layer. We were served a tall, gold-rimmed glass of Prosecco as the staff explained the idea and our platters were being prepared.

The first dessert was to represent the whole hazelnut core and was a whole roasted hazelnut inside a smooth chocolate-praline mousse and served on a golden spoon. This was one of my favourites – I loved the thick, velvety mousse that was almost like Nutella in texture and who doesn’t love Nutella?

The second was a beautiful thin and perfectly tempered chocolate case filled with soft chocolate ganache to represent the ganache layer of the Ferrero Rocher. I loved the flavour and was really impressed by the tempering of the chocolate. I also like the slightly haphazard gold brush strokes used to decorate it.

Third, and probably my favourite of all of them, the nutty ball of ganache rolled in wafer pieces to represent the wafer layer. The wafer pieces weren’t quite as crispy as you’d expect after coming into contact and being softened a little by the ganache, but they still had some crunch and the flavour was on another level.

Next up was a dome of dark chocolate topped with hazelnut pieces to represent the outer chocolate and hazelnut layer. They introduced a bit of theatre with this one, coming over with some hot chocolate sauce to pour over causing the dome to melt into a delicious chocolaty sauce.

I know what you’re thinking – wait a second, that’s all of the layers of a Ferrero Rocher but only four desserts? Yep – the fifth was spun sugar with golden edible glitter as an homage to the iconic golden foil wrapper.

To finish off there was a good old Ferrero Rocher chocolate in the middle to round up the experience and put all of the elements together. We had a lovely time and really enjoyed the experience, but you’d be glad to know that at the end of the day the Ferrero Rocher itself came top.

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