Mate Tea with Lemongrass, Liquorice Root and Goji Berries

So, January – we need to talk. I know you can’t help it, but you’re quite cold and nobody seems to know how to approach you. We feel like you want us to do a post-christmas detox and a get into a new fitness regime? But then sometimes we just want some comfort, self-love, and…maybe hibernation? Can we somehow compromise and find some sort of balance?


Seriously though, January can be tough. It’s cold, the festivities are over and we’re back to the grind, and sometimes the pressure we put on ourselves to see it as a new year and a new opportunity and make all these well-intentioned changes – well it can be just too much. My advice is typically British: have a cuppa!


This tea is perfect for January and the cold winter months, because not only does it have some fab, energising ingredients, but it tastes luscious! The base of this tea is mate (pronounced ma-teh) which you can get online from many tea & health food sites, and Amazon sell it too. It has a greater antioxidant capacity and caffeine content than green tea, giving you an energy boost to set you up for the day. Lemongrass gives this tea some zip to wake you up with a yummy lemony note, liquorice root infuses it with a sweet, warming anise hum that deepens and smoothens the flavour, and goji berries finish it off with a fruity hit. It’s not going to make the weather warmer, or give you a guarantee that you’ll stick to your resolutions, but it can just bring a bit of guilt-free happiness and energy to a dull January day!



  • 3 tsp mate tea
  • 1 tsp liquorice root
  • 1 tsp dried lemongrass
  • 1 tsp dried goji berries


Mix the ingredients together and infuse 1 tsp of the tea per cup of water.

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