The Hague: Kayaking Along the Canals

We were so lucky with the weather during our trip to The Hague for the May bank holiday weekend. The sun shone throughout our stay and meant that we could go for runs through the forest, visit the beach, and on one of the days we hired kayaks and spent a lovely couple of hours gliding along the canals.

We picked up our canoes at Kanoverhuur Den Haag and spent 2 hours in the sun, on the water, and seeing The Hague from a new vantage point. We came well-prepared, of course, with a couple of tinnies for the journey that neatly slotted into the bottom of the boat!

We had a really good time, a pretty good workout, with plenty of things to see along the way. It’s not every day you see nests of ducklings, graffiti pirate ducks, as well as a crate on a chain with a number to call where you can order snacks to be lowered down to your kayak!

It was a great way to soak up even more weather, and do something active and a little different, and nobody fell in! You get a waterproof container to put valuables in, but the kayaks were really stable so there really wasn’t much of a risk.

Have you been to The Hague? Feel free to share tips in the comments.

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