Bruges: Where to Eat and Drink

It’s only right and proper that I dedicate an entire post to the food and drink we enjoyed in Bruges. With big hitters like chocolate, beer, waffles, and moules, expectations were skyscrapingly high, but these cosy Bruges institutions delivered.


Address: Jan van Eyckplein 7

This cute cafe in an old building and with a whimsical interior is a great spot for brunch, particularly if you’re after veggie/vegan options. They serve a fabulous selection of tea as well – mine came served in a pink clock tea pot with a blackbird tea cup.

The Old Chocolate House

Address: Mariastraat 1

Above the chocolate shop itself is a traditional tea room with wood-panelling and vintage floral decor. It’s claim to be the best hot chocolate in town is probably entirely valid. Our hot chocolate arrived deconstructed – huge mugs (which can be purchased in the shop) filled with hot milk into which you stir the beautiful chocolate cups filled with ganache or praline. It was a true indulgence and a highlight of our trip.


Address: Sint-Amandsstraat 30

This new-looking coffee shop has a calm-cool vibe as soon as you enter with their minimalist interior. I knew I was in my kind of place. We just had matcha and chai lattes but they also do a range of yummy/sounding tartines on the menu that were very tempting (we were full from breakfast).


Address: Muntpoort 8

Merveilleux is a tiny, quaint tearoom tucked away on Muntpoort. Again, the selection of teas was impressive. The shrimp croquettes with salad made for a perfect light lunch.

Lizzie’s Waffles

Address: Sint-Jakobsstraat

We were expecting queues out of the door as is often the case at this eatery famed for its huge waffles. We managed to be seated really quickly and devoured their deliciously light, but still enormous waffles with strawberries and chocolate sauce. My tea was served in a cute kitschy little mug as well. I could definitely understand the popularity!

Hotel Dukes Palace

Address: Prinsenhof 8

This was actually our hotel for our stay, so we booked a table for their Easter dinner. The food was absolutely fantastic and the ambience definitely felt quite up-market. My favourite course was our starter of bream with mango, wasabi, soy marshmallow, yuzu, and yoghurt. It was a real thrill to eat and the wine pairing was right on point. I also really enjoyed the chocolate and Granny Smith apple dessert.

Den Dyver

Address: Dijver 5

This restaurant originally caught our eye as specialists in seafood that also used to offer a beer pairing menu. Unfortunately they don’t offer that any more, but they still serve beers in tall stem glasses, and by now we had been hooked in so we booked ourselves a table. Seafood is still a specialty, their fresh oysters tasted like a sea breeze and the grilled lobster main was tender and delicious. I’m not sure it needed the bed of slightly bland linguine, but my mind was focused on the crustacean which was perfectly satisfying.

Have you been somewhere awesome for food or drink in Bruges? Share below in the comments!

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Note that addresses/website details are correct at the time of writing and may change over time.

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