Nana’s Green Tea: Delicious Green Tea Ice Cream in Japan

Nana’s Green Tea, as you can probably gather from the name, is a specialist green tea cafe in Japan. They serve a huge range of green tea drinks including, of course, matcha drinks. However, the main draw for me is their ice cream. Matcha lattes and ice creams are becoming increasingly popular and available in the U.K., but I am actually an even bigger fan of houjicha. Whereas matcha is very finely ground, dried green tea, Houjicha is roasted green tea and has a beautiful toasty flavour. So when we visited Nana’s Green Tea, I opted for the houjicha sundae.


First of all, the thing was huge and delving through the layers was like rummaging through a green tea treasure trove! At the very top was cream with black honey, essentially a dark molasses-y syrup. Underneath was the houjicha ice cream with some sweet bean paste and some sort of green tea fudge sweet. Below that was a layer of crispy cereal poured over vanilla soft serve, and at the bottom were some green tea jelly squares in more green tea.


Nana’s Green Tea have cafes in most Japanese cities and you can find out where to find them on their website. If you’re in Tokyo and fancy giving it a try, there’s one in the Tokyo Skytree shopping mall.

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