Depachika: Mitsukoshi Ginza Food Hall, Tokyo

Japanese department stores definitely know how to pull off a good food hall! They are affectionately referred to as “depachika” and frankly put British department stores to shame (bar perhaps Harrods and Fortnum & Mason). The Mitsukoshi department store in Ginza has a huge depachika over two basement floors. We found ourselves with a bit of time to kill after getting Kabuki tickets, so we payed Mitsukoshi a visit as it was very close by.

We perused their selection of rice which comes in grades that correspond to how finely they are polished and therefore how white the grains are. They ranged from brown rice right up to beautiful pearl-like grains.


There was a section dedicated to exquisite fruit specimens in protective packaging which are commonly given as gifts in Japan.


The selection of fish and meat was mouthwatering with a huge array of fresh seafood including prime cuts of tuna. There was also a whole display of beautiful wagyu beef as well.


There was also prepared sushi for if you want to treat yourself to a somewhat extravagant, but no doubt delicious bento.

I was excited to find mizu manju – a Japanese sweet. “Mizu” is Japanese for “water” and “manju” is the type of confection. They have a red bean paste centre, but rather than being encased in sticky mochi like in a daifuku, instead there’s a layer of clear gel and it really is strangely like eating water.


If you’re into food the Mitsukoshi Ginza food hall is well worth a look. And why not treat yourself?!

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