Farmers’ Market at UNU, Tokyo

I wrote in this post about the CITIx60: Tokyo book, where I found out about the Farmers’ Market @ UNU. The market happens every weekend just outside the United Nations University near Shibuya Tokyo. We decided to pay them a visit while we were in the area.


As we entered the market, there were lots of fresh fruit and veg vendors as well as local producers selling organic goods from peanut butter, to dried foods, to vegan snacks. There was also an area of the market selling antiques, but it was really strange because they were mainly French/European and we didn’t see a lot of Japanese antiques. It was like we were wandering around a Brocante in France! We bought some Japanese red apples from one of the fruit vendors to eat back at the apartment with breakfasts.


Towards the back of the market were more food stalls selling baked goods and ready-to-eat snacks. One of the most popular stalls with a really long queue was a stand selling Boursin cheese with bread!


It was really lovely to walk around to see some of the produce and to soak up the chilled weekend atmosphere and I’m glad we had the time to go.

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