Great breakfasts in Dublin (with vegan options)

Breakfast is absolutely my favourite meal of the day, especially when I’m on holiday, and so I’ve brought you a few of the best places we went to for breakfast in Dublin.

The Fumbally Cafe

The Fumbally cafe, on Fumbally Lane, is conveniently located for a stop off on the way to the Guinness Storehouse and so we popped in for breakfast on our first day. The ambience is incredibly relaxed with high ceilings, slouchy furniture and shared tables. We got a cosy table near the window and settled in pretty quickly. 

So, first things first, the coffee was really good. I’m not a fan of a super strong rocket-fuel coffee, but I like there to be plenty of flavour and I felt that the latte was a perfect balance for me.


The star breakfast was the avocado toast (vegan) – a chunky slice of toasted sourdough topped with a huge heap of avocado followed by another heap of beetroot. It looked and smelled delicious and definitely had plenty of garlic in the seasoning!


The Fumbally eggs are also worth a try – scrambled with a hint of cheese and served with beautiful fresh tomatoes. However, there was quite a bit of garlic again and I felt they were a little heavy-handed with the black pepper for my taste.


We couldn’t stop ourselves from indulging even further and ordering from their cake selection irresistibly on display by the counter. The completely free-from cookies went down a treat with Claire, but the gluten-free, intensely chocolatey, perfectly dense and rich, mouthwatering chocolate cake won me over!


Queen of Tarts

Queen of Tarts is a tiny little shop on Cows Lane that only has a few tables but makes up for it with lots of cakes, character and the loveliest staff! We were lucky to get a table and were glad to get there early before the rush came. It was difficult to choose from all the baked goods on display and their breakfast menu…I mean look at those cinnamon & cardamom swirls…and those chocolate, pear & almond tarts! Well, what would you do?!


In the end I went healthy and opted for the granola topped with yoghurt and seasonal fruit compote. It arrived in a dinky little jam jar on a vintage plate and with a sprig of fresh mint. The jam jar did make eating it a little more…fun, but it was yummy nonetheless.


The Rolling Donut

The Rolling Donut came up in my Dublin breakfast research, but we actually almost didn’t go… We were looking for a place along the river front to have a bite to eat before getting the DART to Howth for the day. As it happened, our first choice was full and so we decided to just see whether we came across anything on the way to the station. The doughnuts in the window caught our eye for sure, but it was only when I spotted the huge range of vegan donuts(!) that we immediately turned on our heels and went inside. 

The range of doughnuts was huge with flavours like Nutella & Marshmallow, Maple Bacon, and Baileys Bliss and they were so so good! The most impressive part for me though was the range of vegan donuts. Yep, not just one token vegan option, but a choice and they were delicious – you could. not. tell. that they were vegan!


For more great things to see and do in Dublin, see my Dublin Highlights post with my roundup of some of the bests pubs, museums and more!

10 thoughts on “Great breakfasts in Dublin (with vegan options)

  1. Amazing! I can’t wait to try these places out next time I’m in Dublin. Have you been the The Happy Pear? I hear that’s supposed to be great! I follow the two guys on youtube and they have some brilliant recipes. Do you feature your writing elsewhere? Great stuff 🙂


    1. Thanks so much for your comment! I haven’t been to The Happy Pear – I’ll have to add that to my list for next time. I don’t currently feature my writing elsewhere and to be honest I hadn’t thought about it. Do you have any advice? Thanks again xx

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  2. Mmm! These all look beautiful and tasty too! I’ll have to put these on my to do list for our trip this summer. Thanks for the post!


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