We get married tomorrow!

I’m not going to be posting tomorrow because…I’m getting married!!

I’m so excited to be marrying Mark, my best friend in the whole world. Over a year’s worth of planning is finally all coming together in what I hope is going to be a freakin’ awesome party.

From Monday, we’ll be heading off to Sri Lanka and then the Maldives for our honeymoon (watch this space for future food and travel posts!). I’ve got a few things lined up for you while I’m away so you don’t miss me too much ;-P
Anyway I better be off to get some beauty sleep…



2 thoughts on “We get married tomorrow!

  1. Lots of love and congratulations to you both from Clare, Lee, Callum & Emma – look forward to seeing photos with Carol! J xxxxx


  2. And what a wonderful wedding day it was. So pleased for you both- Dad and I had a fantastic time getting to know more of Mark’s family and meeting lots of your lovely friends. It was a beautiful ceremony and an awesome weekend. Looking forward to hearing about your honeymoon- enjoy!! Xxx


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