Anna-Mae’s Mac n Cheese

My friend heard about Anna-Mae’s mac n cheese food truck and was so excited when she found out they were coming to Broadgate Circle, just a stone’s throw from where we work. We decided to head down during our lunch break for some quality macaroni.


I was a bit disappointed to begin with because I’d been looking forward to trying the Kanye-Western with beef, BBQ sauce and crispy onions, but they had taken it off the menu. Sad times.


But I was soon distracted – they cook the macaroni in huge pans and it just looks delicious!


I went for the special of mac n cheese with crispy pancetta and cavello nero. Ash went for the Spicy Juan with jalapeños, soured cream and fresh coriander, and Kieron went for the Don with fresh basil, basil oil, and bacon. You should have seen our faces as we started eating – yum!


The food truck moves around, but you can find out where they’re going to be on their website at They have a cookbook out too with gems like mac n cheese fries!

I’m a huge fan of macaroni cheese and you can’t go wrong with it in its classic form, but I love the idea of bringing new variations to the table. I’ll definitely be having a play with some ideas.

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